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Why professional skin care is critical in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is an interesting place to live, full of history, natural beauty, and friendly people. The region enjoys about 224 sunny days per year and a humid climate with an average annual temperature of 69 degrees, peaking as high as 111 degrees. That adds up to sun damaged skin (dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, and pigmentation spots), melasma, and acne. Texas also has one of the highest incident rates for skin cancer (particularly melanoma) in the country.Every family’s program of healthcare should include a dermatologist, but it is especially important for residents of this area. Since 1999, Dr. Vivian Bucay and her dermatology and aesthetic care team have ministered to the unique needs of San Antonio complexions.However, you have a family physician you trust, right? Maybe you wear sunscreen when you expect to be outdoors for an extended period, and you don’t have a family history of skin cancer. Why see a dermatologist? Consider these benefits:

  • Specialization. A dermatologist has training in screening for, diagnosing, and treating skin ailments that goes beyond a general medical degree. Early detection and successful treatment impacts your overall health and your appearance.
  • There is a doctor in the house! Even if you seek only our aesthetic services, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that the team is trained to recognize potential medical conditions, and to alert the doctor. You are in an ideal environment to get answers and the correct treatment. You won’t find that in a day spa.
  • Professional products. We have state of the art technology and a wealth of experience to perform a thorough analysis of your skin type. Dr. Bucay recommends only high-quality products to keep your skin radiant, and they are available at our office. Drug store products often contain harsh, synthetic ingredients that are actually harmful to your skin in the long term. You probably already have a drawerful of formulations that didn’t work, so you know that self-analysis isn’t cost effective.
  • Cosmetic and medical. Dr. Bucay believes that health and beauty are not mutually exclusive. A cosmetic dermatologist delivers both – healthy skin and the latest anti-aging treatments to keep it looking youthful.
  • Advice. It starts with a personal consultation in which the doctor takes time to understand your concerns, goals, and medical history. She recommends services appropriate for your situation, taking into consideration your lifestyle, age, budget, and time constraints. You get competent explanation and instruction, and we monitor your wellbeing throughout treatment.
  • Discreet setting. Maybe you don’t mind having your hair or nails done in a busy, noisy salon, but you’d rather discuss your health and seek rejuvenation in more private surroundings. You’ll feel right at home in our professional boutique environment.

Skin care is important everywhere, but in few places is it more critical than San Antonio, TX. Trust yours to Dr. Vivian Bucay.

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