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10 things you may not know about basic skin care in San Antonio

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and maintaining it is important for your health and appearance. Some of us take skin care seriously from a very early age, while others wait until skin diseases, cancers, wrinkles, and other problems become a serious concern. The good news is that it’s never too soon or too late to take better care of your skin.

Knowledge is the key to effectively protecting yourself from the elements, infection, age, and other destructive factors. Here are ten little-known facts about caring for your skin:

  1. Cosmetic problems often have a medical cause. Bumps or spots can be a sign of cancer, redness can be a sign of rosacea, and rashes can be a sign of allergies… The list goes on and on, but the message remains the same: If you don’t understand what is going on with your skin, don’t simply cover it up, see a dermatologist.
  2. People of all ethnicities need sun protection. There are six classifications of skin types, which affect your degree of skin cancer risk, with the darkest skinned individuals (who do not sunburn) being the least likely to develop cancer. However, less likely does not equate to immune. In fact, dark-skinned people are more likely to develop a dangerous form of cancer known as acral lentiginous melanoma.
  3. Don’t over-cleanse. Skin is resilient, but it is also fragile. Scrubbing, or washing too often can cause irritation. You should clean your skin gently and only wash your face twice a day unless you have been sweating heavily.
  4. Psoriasis can be more than a rash. Painful, swollen joints, pitted nails, and even vision problems can be symptoms of a subtype called psoriatic arthritis. Although no form of psoriasis is entirely curable, treatment can greatly reduce the symptoms.
  5. Lifestyle changes can help control rosacea. Foods, weather conditions, medications, cosmetics, and even emotions can be triggers. Identifying your personal triggers is essential for controlling the condition.
  6. Don’t hide moles with tattoos. There is no research indicating that tattoo ink increases the risk of a mole becoming cancerous. However, it can disguise the signs of cancer making early detection less likely.
  7. You can’t scrub acne off of your face. There is a common belief that acne is caused by poor hygiene and cleaning more often or vigorously will relieve it. That is simply a myth. It is a complex condition caused by factors such as hormones and genetics – not dirt.
  8. You don’t always get what you pay for. Expensive skin care products are not necessarily better. Quality ingredients and a product suitable for your skin type are the determining factors in effectiveness. Your dermatologist can help you choose the best products.
  9. Smoking can increase wrinkles and diminish your skin’s ability to heal. Cigarette smoke includes thousands of chemicals that directly enter the blood stream. They reduce the size of blood vessels that feed the epidermis, depriving your skin of oxygen.
  10. Cancer screening could save your life. Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in America. It is also the most easily treatable, but only if it is diagnosed early.

Don’t take chances with your skin. Let Dr. Bucay help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy skin that you deserve. Call 210.692.3000 and schedule your appointment today.

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