Skin Cancer Treatment

If you are one of the nearly 5 million people in the United States who has been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may be wondering what treatment options are available to you. Dr. Vivian Bucay and her team of physicians assistants can help you.

The Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics specializes in helping patients find the best skin cancer treatment. After all, with the proper treatment, skin cancer is one of the most treatable and curable forms of cancer.

What Factors Influence Which Skin Cancer Treatment Options to Pursue?

Dr. Vivian Bucay and her staff take into account several factors when making a recommendation for skin cancer treatment. Things such as the stage of cancer, the specific type and form of skin cancer, how large the tumor is, where the tumor is located, and the overall health of the patient all impact the treatment option that will be recommended.

The staff at Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics will ask you for a detailed account of your health history, perform a full body exam, and biopsy any tumors. These items will help the medical staff have all the information they need to make recommendations for your skin cancer treatment options.

What Skin Cancer Treatment Options are Available?

Skin cancer treatment options that are available to you range from minor surgery, such as Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Excisional Surgery, to the use of topical medications and laser therapy. The type of treatment that is recommended will vary depending upon what type of cancer you have, as some treatment options are better at curing some forms of skin cancer than others.

Some of the types of skin cancer treatment options that are available for patients at Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics include Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Electrosurgery, Cryosurgery, Photodynamic Therapy, Laser Surgery, and topical medications.

Are the Skin Cancer Treatments Painful?

No, most of the skin cancer treatments are not painful. If there is pain associated with the procedure, it is very minimal. Most patients are able to return to their normal day-to-day activities within 24-48 hours after seeking treatment for their skin cancer.

Dr. Vivian Bucay and her staff will prepare you for what to expect with your skin cancer treatment. They will describe the procedure and prepare you for what type of pain or discomfort may be associated with it.