FemTouch Can Bring the Joy Back into Your Life

FemTouch Laser San Antonio TXWe all deserve to live life to the fullest. With all the advances that have taken place in the past few decades, women of all ages are finding out that age may indeed be nothing more than a number. The concerns that have always occurred with age are still prevalent. However, we have ways to mitigate them. As women begin to notice internal changes that degrade their outward confidence, changes like vaginal atrophy, they need to know that there are options for managing feminine health that don’t involve surgery or synthetic hormones. In our Sonterra and La Casita offices in San Antonio, we support women’s feminine well-being with FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal atrophy is a normal part of aging; one that can rob you of your ability to fully engage in the living, laughing, and loving you want to enjoy throughout your life. Here’s how FemTouch can help.

Feel Free to Live and Laugh Again

Vaginal rejuvenation offers significant benefits for women experiencing the effects of diminished vaginal tightness and lubrication. We often assume that vaginal dryness is problematic in the bedroom, but that’s just one aspect of this issue. Without adequate lubrication in the vaginal lining, there is a higher risk for urinary tract infections and itchiness. Without sufficient muscle tightness in the vaginal canal, there is also a risk for stress urinary incontinence. These problems can dramatically impede a woman’s ability to live and laugh with full confidence.

Improvements to Your Love Life

Dryness and laxity are not conditions that support a woman’s pleasure and confidence in her most intimate experiences. In fact, treatments like FemTouch have been developed because women have started to speak up about the dissatisfaction they feel with the sexual limitations created by vaginal atrophy.

The Benefits of FemTouch

The most notable concerns related to vaginal atrophy are resultant of collagen depletion. Just like facial skin becomes thin and weak as we age, so does the vaginal lining. Just like outer skin relies on collagen for firmness and moisture, so does the vaginal lining. FemTouch is a gentle, painless treatment that excites fibroblasts beneath the surface with controlled heat. This excitement leads to increased collagen production, which leads to improved vaginal tightness and lubrication, which leads to more living, laughing, and loving.

Learn more about FemTouch treatments by calling our Sonterra or La Casita office.

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